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GIAF Day 1 June 27, 2022


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Welcome to GIAF Day 1

with Kai Troll, Spokesperson of GIAF and President of ASSOCIATIONWORLD

GIAF Moderator Jane Cunningham

Geneva official tbc


Icebreaker & Recap GIAF 2021

with GIAF Moderator Jane Cunningham

Who is in the room? What brings you here?


PAUL RULKENS - Keynote Opening Speech


How do successful people, teams, and organizations become even more successful? We will discuss the three key areas where small differences will really make a difference for you and your team. As a result, you will be inspired with practical ideas to take more, better, and smarter initiatives to significantly raise the bar in turbulent times.

Main takeaways:

  • How to inspire yourself and others to move to the top 10% in your business or professional field
  • How to achieve twice the results in half of the time
  • How to rapidly build high performance habits for you and your team
  • How to create a courageous culture of achieving more by doing less
  • How to strategically quit your way to achieve big goals


Time to catch up with old and new association peers and friends


WORKSHOPS (Breakout Rooms)

Session 1:

with coach PAUL RULKENS

How can leaders inspire their team and their organization to bring their best in turbulent times?

The workshop will provide practical tools for any leader to:

  • Create a robust organization, which will thrive in turbulent times.
  • Quickly create high-performance teams.
  • Focus on the few elements which drive organizational performance.
  • Build an execution engine to achieve big strategic goals.
Session 2:

with NAOMI SMITH, Communications Manager, ECTRIMS / Congrex

From Three to 365 – How to Create a Year-Round Communications Plan for Your Association

Session overview:

Today, associations are finding themselves being challenged by two dynamic marketing forces: the need to evolve due to changing behaviours of members; and the potential to evolve through strong brand identity. These challenges are compounded with a growing reality that failure to ensure your association remains relevant to your target audience puts it in grave risk of becoming irrelevant. 

In today's unpredictable landscape, community and purpose are what will set you apart. But how does one begin to do that? 

The good news is that by putting in place some basic "communication hygiene”, changes can be made to ensure that associations continue to remain strong and grow in importance for their members and communities. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Why associations should move away from a single-event strategy
  • How to enhance and expand your audience
  • How to align engagement and marketing efforts to deliver on missions and goals
  • How to introduce a 365-day omni-channel approach that includes promoting and providing continuous, curated learning for your audience`s educational needs
  • How to use clear, concise writing to deliver on your campaign goals


13.30-13.55 (Plenary Room)

How Executive Leaders Communicate Successfully in Challenging Circumstances -

Session Part I

with MARTIN DAUBNEY  Executive Coach & Trainer, Inspire Coaching GmbH

Session overview:

Have you ever wondered why, try as you might, your message just doesn’t land with the people you are trying to communicate with? Is it possible that it’s not them that doesn’t get it, but you that doesn’t get them? With such a vast amount of information hitting our senses every second we skilfully and unknowingly delete most of it as irrelevant. In this short presentation we will look at how we pay attention to what’s important and delete information that could be helpful. And, how becoming more aware of what is in front of us, being more present, will lead to better outcomes and results.


WORKSHOPS (Breakout Room)

Session 3:


with BENITA LIPPS, Head of DGA Europe Association Practice, Dentons Global Advisors & Founder of Women Advance Associations

KATHLEEN VAN NUFFEL, Chair & Founder, Legal Diversity & Inclusion Alliance

This workshop will give you the information and tools to work on a DEI strategy that strengthens your association's impact, engagement, and sustainability.

Key take-aways:

-      a clear understanding what DEI is and why it matters to your association

-       concrete tips for kick-starting the discussion on DEI in your association

-       join a network of peers to drive and exchange best practice on DEI

Session overview:

While still misunderstood as a ‘soft factor’, diversity is more than an aspiration. Together with equity and inclusion, diversity will become a key driver for the associations of tomorrow: A smart DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) strategy helps associations to focus on what matters most, to act as the ‘true voice’ of their communities, and to remain relevant in a changing environment. Despite its importance, associations often lack the know-how and the tools to successfully implement DEI strategies in their governance, programming, and operations. In this session, key association & DEI experts share their insights on what diversity is, why it matters, and how to embed it into the DNA of your association. Together, we will also identify key questions, needs, and challenges that association face when it comes to DEI. The insights gained will inform its roadmap towards ‘Diversity in Action – A DEI Charter for International Associations.'

Session 4:


How to create hybrid events everyone wants to attend - Top tips to engage participant on-and offline.

Session Overview:

The big question all organizers of hybrid events face is how to keep both the in-person and remote audience engaged and interested. If all you offer remote delegates is watching the sessions at home or at the office, you’re likely to lose them. In this session, we share tips and ideas on how to engage your participants before, during and after the event. Come prepared with your questions and be ready to share your own experiences.



Time to catch up with old and new association peers and friends

15.45-16.45 (Plenary Room)



Introduction to 10 potential new income streams for associations and non-profits.

"Resource Development - Creating Sustainable Funding Models. Income Diversification. New Income Streams."

Session overview:

How can associations build new models of financing their activities or event adding revenue streams?

More than ever before, association must look at the area of income diversification and  consider new revenue streams to create sustainable funding models.

In this session, we will:

- explore potential new income sources for your associations

- discuss a model that can be useful to prepare a Call-to-Action to new potential funders,

- discuss and exchange our experiences on our approaches to different funders and supporters and share ways of how to improve our sponsorship approaches and negotiations.

16.45-17.15 (Plenary Room)

Workshop Learning Outcomes. Conclusions. Next Steps.

Workshop Leaders preset the results / findings of the four workshop group discussions and key learnings.

17.15-17.30 (Plenary Room)

WRAP UP. Closing of the day

by Moderator and association delegates

Delegates / associations sharing their experience of the day

18.00 - 21.00

Official GIAF Dinner for Associations and Partners

Location: Poolside Intercontinental Geneva

GIAF - Day 2 June 28, 2022


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Welcome to GIAF Day 2

09.10-09.30 (Plenary Room)


Establishing cross-collaboration among participating associations. Association representatives take the stage for a 5-10 introduction of their association. 

09.30-10.30 (Plenary Room)

How Executive Leaders Communicate Successfully in Challenging Circumstances

with MARTIN DAUBNEY, Executive Coach & Trainer, Inspire Coaching GmbH

Session Part II.

Session overview:

Incredibly over 70% of workplace mistakes can be traced back to communication.  Our “internal noise” can transfer feelings such as frustration, anxiety and judgement on to the people we are talking to, colouring the message we are trying to communicate and negatively affecting the people we are negotiating with for funding.

We move into the energetics of communication and learn a tool to facilitate more coherent communication with each other, our families and especially those that we wish to influence for the benefit of our association.

Learning outcomes:

To genuinely hear someone does not mean we have to agree with the. We can disagree and maintain a respectful attitude.This workshop is facilitated from the front and requires audience participation. We will be exploring how to enhance our communication (not as in Corporate Communication but verbal communication between each other.) This will include becoming aware of what underlies good communication. Attendees will learn the Coherent Communication Technique.



Time to catch up with old and new association peers and friends


WORKSHOPS (Breakout Rooms)

Session 5:


with AIRAH CADIOGAN, Digital Media Associate, International Seed Federation

Exploring how a digital engagement strategy and the right tools can add value to membership and build your online community.

Session overview:

At its core, digital engagement is about creating and building stronger relationships with your members, potential members, and supporters.

For digital engagement to work, even for resource-strapped associations, a long-term vision and a tailored strategy, ideally as part of an overall digital transformation strategy, and the right tools are essential. But this does not need to be overwhelming.

Here we break down the process into the steps that organizations can take now towards reaching their digital engagement goals.

Through the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of what digital engagement means, what tools are available, and how it can help them build their communities and add value to their members. After the workshop, they will have reflected on what actions they can take now to start building on their digital engagement.

The session will include a 20-minute presentation to level off on participants’ understanding of digital engagement and digital transformation. The case of ISF will be presented, along with other approaches from other associations, and suggested tools. A 10- to 15-minute Q&A session will follow.

Participants will be then given a set of questions to reflect on their own goals and objectives for digital engagement, thinking about what they want to get out of it and how they think their members will benefit. Finally, working in groups and guided by a template, they will come up with a blueprint for a strategy (groups to be defined), including tools, that can work for different organizations, including their own.

Session 6:

with BENEDICTE LOSSEAU, Partner, Events & Operations and MICHIEL GEN, Partner & Stakeholder Management at Exempla Management & Consulting , including other association event professionals.

Session overview:

Join Bénédicte Losseau and Michiel Gen and share and learn from your peers, on an interactive session designed to help you:

  • Identify, assess and improve your event business model
  • identify the parameters behind registration pricing strategy, to find the best balance for your event
  • Understand and work at the ways sponsorship can contribute, its dilemmas, opportunities, and limitations

Take part in this session and get equipped for your next event planning and budgeting phase.

Session background:

"But we’ve always done it like this” is an often-heard excuse for not rethinking existing concepts in the world of association events.

The recent upheaval in the events space requires us to be more purposeful about what we want our events to deliver in terms of value to stakeholders and financial performance. Getting your event business model right has never been so critical… nor so challenging as we consider new, hybrid events.

Whether your association relies on event revenues profit to fund year-long value to members, or it needs assurance the investment in the event is appropriate, understanding the balance between funding sources and how these impact your event design is essential.

Registration fees are a standard revenue source – but how do you price? What are the decision factors in shaping your registration fee structure? How do you balance the ambitions of the stakeholders in you event and practical, financial constraints to set a realistic target for your event revenue?   

On the other hand, sponsorship also needs a tailored strategy. Associations have traditionally not been very generous to their commercial partners and there is a lot of low hanging fruit that can be monetised. However, opportunities not fully thought through and unmanaged expectations can quickly turn into a quality and reputation issue for your association.





WORKSHOPS (Breakout Rooms)

Session 7:


with FRANK M. WÄCHTER, Digital Marketing & Communication Expert and ALEX CLIFFORD, Digital Consultant, Transformation & CRM Specialist

Session overview:

Digital doesn’t have to be complicated! Instead of thinking of technology, focus on the who, the what and the why.

Learning outcome:

  • How to create the vision for your project, clarify the objectives and define the strategy
  • How to segment and profile personas to create a targeted approach
  • How to distil this information in to a defined action plan with activities briefs and structure to ensure you achieve the objectives
Session 8:
GIAF Freestyle - Open Forum

What are your pains and headache's? What keeps you awake at night? What do we need more off and what less off?

How can we strenghten the GIAF association community and start building for 2023?

Facilitated session.



Time to catch up with old and new association peers and friends

15.30-16.15 (Plenary Room)


Purpose, Goals, Objectives, Participation. Questions & Answers.

An innitiative by ASSOCIATIONWORLD in collaborative partnerships with umbrella associations and non-profits.

16.15-16.30 (Plenary Room)

Wrap Up. Key learnings. Next steps and actions.

The association community shares their BIAF experience and discussed next actions.


Official closing.

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